Morning update from McGrath

Casey Fagerquist finished the 350 mile race in McGrath early this morning in third place. He is the first rookie to finish. 

The first woman, Nina Gaessler from Norway, is on her way into McGrath this morning.

Leading runner Scott Hoberg is ahead of defending champ David Johnston and Gavin Woody by about 2miles.  The first place skier Chet Fehrman is just ahead of Scott on their way to Nikolai.

RD Kyle Durand is traveling with Danish racer Adam Erritzoe are out of Rohn.

All the 130 mile racers have finished at Winterlake Lodge, congratulations!!

There is a four day time limit to reach the Winterlake Checkpoint and 350 mile runners Lars Danner and Thomas Keene have made it and are currently resting. 

It's currently -15F in McGrath this morning and Jay is still here enjoying the infamous mancakes made by Peter Schneiderheinze.

I spoke with Dick Newton from Takotna last night.  He said there was a trail to the second shelter cabin out of Ophir, but then 8 inches of snow fell and covered the trail from Takotna to Iditarod.  Iditarod Trail breakers will be through McGrath Monday, just ahead of the lead mushers who are expected to arrive Tuesday night.

Kathi Merchant
co race director


Omelets and mancakes for breakfast in McGrath.

Omelets and mancakes for breakfast in McGrath.

All 2018 ITI 130 participants have finished!


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