With jagged mountain ranges, bone-numbing temperatures and minimal support, the ITI 350 forces competitors to reach deep within themselves to persist while being besieged by relentless physical and mental challenges.

Photo:  RJ Sauer

Photo: RJ Sauer

Bike, run or ski on the iditarod trail

A true test of human endurance, adaptability and mental fortitude, competitors travel 350 miles on the historic Iditarod Trail under their own power while hauling all of their survival gear with them. Only six checkpoints with food and minimal sleeping quarters are offered prior to reaching the finish line in McGrath, Alaska.

Photo:  Pavel Richtr

A call to adventure

For most participants, the ITI 350 is not a race but an adventure. For those people, exploring one of the most remote places on the planet isn't important because of what it immediately accomplishes; rather, it is important because of what it facilitates within them. This is their testing ground. A time and place carved out to challenge themselves, tolerate adversity, cope with uncertainty, and learn from failure.

Photo: Kyle Durand


To be eligible to apply for the ITI 350, athletes must have 2 finishes in designated qualifying events and/or significant specific winter athletic experience.


Applications for the 2020 ITI 350 are open