Evening report from the finish line in McGrath

Today is day 4 of this year's race. All racers are beyond the Winterlake Lodge check point.

5 finishers in McGrath so far as well as 4 racers that are signed up for the 1000 mile event. 

Conditions are calm here in McGrath, temperature is 0 degrees F here. It is supposed to warm up and snow again. 

OE was in McGrath briefly to fuel his airplane and heading back to Rohn to get more images of racers on the trail. He is reporting 40 mph gusts on the South Fork near Rohn.

There was a good trail into the Moose Creek cabin, the second cabin on the South Route on the way to the Iditarod check point. Since then 8 inches of fresh snow have covered the trail and the wind blew for 2 days. Currently there is no trail to Iditarod and beyond until  there is more traffic by local trappers or the Iditarod trail breakers come through on Monday.

5 more racers are on route to the finish line in McGrath tonight. We expect them before midnight.

We had another scratch today, Stefan Chmel from Norway. He had been sick leading up to the race back home and pulled the plug at Rainy Pass Lodge.

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