The Iditarod Trail Invitational is the world's longest winter ultra-marathon.

One of the most challenging experiences on the planet, participants brave extreme physical, environmental and mental challenges as they work their way along the historic Iditarod Trail on bicycle, foot or skis. Requiring self-sufficiency and the considerable resilience to make it through up to 30 frozen days and nights, the Iditarod Trail Invitational has built its reputation on notoriously inhospitable conditions and minimal outside support.

For its participants, the Iditarod Trail Invitational is a measure of human willpower like no other.

This is a journey, not a race. It's about who you truly are as a person.

RJ Sauer


Choose Your Adventure

Regardless of the race distance selected, the vast and pristine Alaskan wilderness will both mesmerize and torment those brave enough to venture into its majestic, frigid expanses.

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The gateway to the Alaskan wilderness, the ITI 150 provides competitors with a genuine Alaskan experience along the first 150 miles of the historic Iditarod Trail. Perfect for adventurers looking for a new challenge and for those aspiring to qualify for the ITI 350.

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The allure of exploring the Iditarod Trail draws athletes and adventurers from around the globe who have qualified to undertake the challenge of covering 350 miles of Alaskan wilderness on bicycle, foot or skis.


1000 MILES

The pinnacle of all winter ultra-marathons, the ITI 1000 takes competitors through the far reaches of the Alaskan wilderness, following the Iditarod Trail to its conclusion under the famed burled arch in Nome, Alaska. Only the most intrepid and prepared adventurers need apply.

I felt like I was walking through the dark night of my soul.

Kyle Durand