Congratulations to all the 150 finishers updated 8 PM

Congratulations to all the 150 mile finishers. It was a new distance we added this year from the 130 mile finish the last two years.

Very proud of all the ITI camp participants that had participated in this year’s training camp on Flathorn Lake mid February and started the 150 mile 9 days later. Congratulations Nina and Cheryl!! 2 days and 21 hours!

Congrats to Maren Bradley for winning the running division in the 150 mile!! 2 days 23 hours 6 minutes.

Maren is from the Yukon Canada and recently turned from mushing dogs to ultra running. Her goal is to go human powered on her own feet to Nome in a few years. Go Maren!

Stephan and Manfred from Germany also participated in this year’s camp and finished in 3 days.

Congratulations to all the 350 and 150 mile finishers so far!

350 mile Foot Division: Leading runner is rookie Ron Henderson at the 200 mile Rohn check point.In second place is Piotr Chadovich a rookie in the ITI as well.

350 mile Ski Division: Leading skier ( one of 2) is Asbjorn Skjoth Bruun from Norway.

350 first woman Rebecca Rush is almost in Nikolai, the last check point before the finish of the 300.

Leader in the 1000 mile race is 3 time finisher Toy Sczurkowski from Australia.

Leader in the 1000 mile foot race is

Scratches: Trail legend Tim Hewitt with 11 finishes in the 1000 mile race to Nome and featured athlete in the new film in film festivals that premiered recently in Anchorage and Vancouver has scratched in Puntilla/Rainy Pass Lodge due to knee issues. His tracker showed him going 113 mph on the airplane back to Anchorage.

Tracker mulfuntion:

Sean Brown left Winterlake Lodge at 10 am this morning. His track needs new batteries or is not facing the sky. The next check point will alert him of the tracker mulfunction.

One more scratch at Rainy Pass Lodge: Erika Van Meter

There are so many amazing people with amazing stories out there.

Today we had more people covering the event and family members arrive in McGrath on a flight. There are no roads to McGrath, only air planes or a winter trail that comes alive this time of the year.

More riders are arriving tonight, expecting Jim Vreeland anytime now, Adam Erritzoe and Chris Lowry a rookie in the ITI.

On route to Nikolai are brother and sister Janice Tower and Matt Tanaka. Janice has done the race twice before and for Matt it is his first time.

Some of the fans and family members might be surprised to hear that some of the racers are in the 50’s or even 60’s doing this extreme event. Extreme because of the cold temperatures, remoteness of the trail, extreme weather with wind and drifted in trails. People can excel in ultra endurance events at that age. Experience and knowledge can take them many miles and beyond many obstacles. They are all amazing no matter their age or how many times they have been here.

They come for all over the world, there are 20 different nationalities represented this year.

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