Loreen Hewitt is a scratch at Skwentna, she is back in Anchorage

Race veteran and previous 1000 mile finisher Loreen Hewitt is a scratch in Skwentna this morning unfortunately. Her frost damaged thumb from 2 years ago had developed blisters again and it was not even that cold out there. Once you damage your fingers with severe frostbite, it is extremely difficult to keep them warm in below freezing temperatures. 

3 scratches so far.

Christoph Harreither is heading back down to the main trail heading to Skwentna, CP 2. He is a rookie in this race and entered in the 130 mile distance.

16 degrees F this morning in Skwentna and clearing. 

Our checkers Lucas and Jenny are flying out to Nikolai today with Alaska Air Transit. They were on weather delay yesterday. 

Jussi Karjalainen ended up on the marked Iron Dog Trail (snowmobile race a week ago) at the Rainy Pass split. We used this route last year, it is 30 miles longer that way to Rohn. We hope he realizes the mistake and turns around into Rainy Pass, the route the ITI is following this year.

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