McGrath March 3 Sunday day 8

McGrath. March 3, Sunday, Day 8

Current conditions in McGrath : 17 degrees F, cloudy and calm

In the 1000-mile race: news article by Craig Medred

Ghost town of Iditarod:

Checking the trackers this morning, it appears that the lead pack of four bikers is riding now, judging by their speeds. John Logar is moving at 5.5 mph. Kim and Missy are moving along well also, followed by Steve Cannon. The snowmachines with tourists heading to Nome from Wasilla obviously passed them and the trail is setting up.

The race is on among the lead pack of four!

In the 350-mile race:

Several more racers arrived last night and this morning to finish the 350-mile event in McGrath.

Tracker issues:

Sean Brown’s tracking unit was not working on a remote part of the trail. RD Kyle Durand switched out the tracking unit and Sean Brown is tracking now. He is almost in Nikolai.

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