Race leader Tyson Flaharty is in Nikolai at 4:40 am this morning

Tyson Flaharty from Fairbanks is crushing it! He arrives in Nikolai at 4:40 this morning. This is his second year racing in the ITI. He is close to John Lackey’s record time of 1 day 18 hours to McGrath, the record.

He looks good and he sounds good. He plans to take a rest here in Nikolai. The next racer behind him is Jay Petervary who is 23 miles out of Nikolai.

Crispin Studer wins the 150 mile race to Rainy Pass Lodge. Congratulations. Crispin is from Switzerland, he lives in the Yukon Canada, he is a rookie this year.

7 racers were resting at the 150 mile mark at Rainy Pass Lodge this morning including 1000 mile leader Troy Szcurkowski and leading woman Rebecca Rush in her rookie year on the Iditarod Trail.

Leading racer in the running category is rookie racer Rob Henderson at mile 118. Tim Hewitt is leading the running race to Nome, his 12th time going to Nome at route mile 92.

First skier is Askjorn Skjoth at route mile 85.

Current temperature in Nikolai: -12 F.

Current temperature in Puntilla/Rainy Pass Lodge:7F

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