Lindsay Cameron sets a new women's ski record

Day 7 in McGrath.  The weather has been mild for the Interior of Alaska with daytime temperatures in the balmy teens to 20 degrees.

David Frearson from New Zealand was the first racer to arrive today day on bike.  Grant Maughn finishes in third place in the running division with David and Gavin tying for first place.

A total of 12 racers arrived in McGrath today including the highlight of the day, Lindsey Cameron from Fairbanks.  She is the first woman since 2005 to complete the 350 mile trek by ski since Gail Koepf in 2005. 

Lindsay owns the new women's ski record in 7 days and 52 minutes shaving 5 hours off the previous record.

Several more racers departed McGrath this morning heading to Nome including Tim, Troy, Toni, Kyle, Adam. 

The race leader Jay P is out of Shageluk this evening.


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