Troy finishes in Nome today under tough trail conditions

Troy Szcurkowski from Australia finishes his third 1000 mile race in Nome this afternoon in 23 days 22 hours 39 minutes! Congratulations Troy! 

The leading runner Peter Ripmaster has caught the 4 bikers and they are currently resting in the school in Goloving. They have been crushed by the trail. They had to carry their bikes over snow drifts at times. This is a big snow year on the coast and the wind has been blowing steady as well. obliterating the trail with snow drifts.

The 4 bikers are planning to spend the night in Goloving and get a good rest, as well as the leading runner Peter. They plan to depart Golovin in the morning.

Two more runners are on the trail Beat and Klaus.Beat is on the way to Golovin. Klaus has left Kaltag today.



Kathi MerchantComment