New snow, winds, drifts and slow trails for the remaining 8 racers in the race

Peter Ripmaster is the leading racer in the running division. He is in and out of Koyuk this morning 22 days into the 2018 race. Way to go Peter. Finisher shirt, finisher patch and hand made winner coffee mug from Palmer Alaska is waiting for you in Nome!


Troy's trail report on the final stretch to Nome! Slow going for everyone out there with new snow, blowing snow, drifted in trails and slow trails. Be patient and good luck everyone out there.


It's why they are called push bikes.

Let's back up a day or so. I got into elim about 8am after that all night push through storm and drift, rested at the school for a few hours then headed out for golovin.

The overland track is real nice through the spruce forest, rideable trail with a firm base. Then the exposed climbs began of little mckinley and back to the pushing. Flat light with no contrast made it hard to spot the firm base as snow and drift covered the trail. On the final descent at about 10pm the storm hit hard. Hard tailwind and heavy snow with it, would guess about 35+knots. I quickly layered up and ate/drank some before I got too embedded in this monster as I was still a long way from to golovin. Trail obliterated no riding. Storm howled all the way until I got into golovin at 3am. Hit the school and rested till 1pm and headed for white mountain. Another push with warm conditions -2C no traffic and slightly drifted trail. I managed about 10% riding on this flat section, with tyres aired way down to the point where the carcass is in danger of damage. I'll be leaving white mountain early in the hope the cooler temps of night might firm the trail up a bit.

Final push to nome haha. Topkok hills and the coastal blowhole are the last challenges... get after it! Might be another 2 days yet. Now isn't the time to get complacent either. Might be close to the finish but the coast has some potentially nasty spots. As they say most accidents happen within 5km radius of home.

My feet are in great shape and my boots are great to walk in. Just get into that cathartic groove and savour the memories of the last few weeks of this great race.


Co race director Kyle Durand, Adam, Toni and Craig are moving slow as well pushing their bikes towares Elim. Troy is on the last few miles to Nome. It could take him another 24 hours to finish. 



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