Morning update day 2 2018 ITI

The race leader Neil Beltchenko is out of the 200 mile Rohn check point this morning. the 1000 mile race leader Jay P is resting in Rohn this morning as well as Casey Fagerquist and Clinton Hodges. Neil has put quite the lead on those guys, almost 20 miles.

First woman Nina Gaessler from Norway is heading into Rainy Pass this morning.

Several racers including co race director Kyle Durand are resting at the Rainy Pass check point, the half way mark in the 350 mile distance. 

In the running division rookie Scott Hoberg has been resting at the Skwentna check point at mit 90 for 3 hours. Record holder and long time competitor is only a mile out of Skwentna with rookie Gavin Woody.

Kathi M.

co race director


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