The Route

The ITI follows the historic Iditarod Trail from its trailhead at Knik Lake near Anchorage to the remote interior village of McGrath, continuing to the Bering Sea before reaching the trail's conclusion in Nome.

After the village of Ophir, the trail diverges into northern and southern routes before rejoining in Kaltag. Generally, in even-numbered years, the northern route is followed, and in odd-numbered years, the southern route is used.

As a result of route changes over the past few years, the ITI will follow the southern route in 2018 and 2019, if conditions allow. 

 The southern Iditarod Trail route

The southern Iditarod Trail route


Seven checkpoints (including the ITI 150 and ITI 350 finishes) with food and minimal lodging are available to participants.

Checkpoint 1 - Yentna Station (mile 59)

  • Racers pay for meals and lodging, if desired

  • Hot and cold water provided

Checkpoint 2 - Skwentna Roadhouse (mile 90) 

  • Racers pay for meals and lodging, if desired

  • Hot and cold water provided

Checkpoint 3 - Finger Lake (mile 130) 

  • Meals and tent lodging provided

Checkpoint 4 - Rainy Pass (mile 150) 

  • Meals and lodging provided

  • Meals and lodging for sale in Rainy Pass Lodge

  • ITI 150 finish

Checkpoint 5 - Rohn (mile 200) 

  • Meals and tent lodging provided

Checkpoint 6 - Nikolai (mile 300)

  • Meals, lodging and showers provided

Checkpoint 7 - McGrath (mile 350)

  • ITI 350 finish

  • Meals and lodging provided

Supply Drops

Three supply drops are provided for ITI 1000 participants and two supply drops are provided for ITI 350 competitors. Drop bags may only contain consumable items (food, batteries, hand warmers, etc); all survival gear must be carried by competitors from the start. Drop bags are due in Anchorage at Speedway Cycles on Saturday February 16, 2019 at noon.

Drop #1

  • Checkpoint 3 - Finger Lake (mile 130)

  • 5 lb limit

Drop #2

  • Checkpoint 5 - Rohn (mile 200)

  • 5 lb limit

Drop #3

  • Iditarod (mile 473)

  • 10 lb limit

  • Liquid fuel provided

ITI 1000 participants may mail boxes of consumable items to themselves in villages along the route prior to the start of the race.

Return Flights

Return flights to Anchorage vary based on the ITI race completed.

ITI 150: arranged by ITI crew members upon arrival at the finish and not included in your entry fee. The bush flight from Rainy Pass Lodge will be about $350 per person.

ITI 350: arranged and paid for by participant with Ravn Alaska upon arrival in McGrath using ITI discount rate. 2019 rate TBA including bike/sled and luggage. There are only flights Monday, Wednesday and Friday from McGrath to Anchorage. Current one way rate is $158 per person.

Racers pay by credit card after they get to McGrath.

ITI 1000: arranged and paid for by participant with Alaska Airlines upon arrival in Nome using ITI discount rate.

Lodging in Anchorage-Westmark Hotel

We recommend the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage for lodging before and after the camp. The hotel is centrally located near restaurants, REI, 6th Ave Outfitters and you can take your gear into the rooms. We will have a snowmobile with a trailer to haul one extra bag per student for extra gear and food. Participants get a discounted rate of $89.00 +12% tax. Book a reservation online at using group code: IDIN2019.

Pre race meeting and transportation to race start

The pre race meeting takes place at the Westmark on Saturday February 23 from 11 am to 1 PM. Transportation to the race start, 2 buses and 2 cargo vans also pick up racers at the Westmark on Sunday February 24 at 11 am.