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The ITI 150 is the gateway to the Iditarod Trail and is designed for those adventurers who want to experience what the Alaskan wilderness has to offer. 


A genuine Iditarod Trail experience

This is no walk in the park. The ITI 150 is a true test of fortitude in the Alaskan wilderness. Participants travel the first 150 miles of the ITI route on bicycle, foot or skis, facing the same challenges as all other ITI competitors and ending at the base of the Alaska Range.


the adventure continues

After crossing the finish line, you'll be celebrated with a warm embrace and a hot meal surrounded by rugged mountains at the remote Rainy Pass Lodge. Finally, enjoy a bird's eye view of your accomplishment and the Iditarod Trail's scenic highlights on your flight back to Anchorage on an Alaskan bush plane. Finishing the ITI 150 serves one of the required qualifying events for the ITI 350, and the winners of each division automatically qualify to enter the ITI 350.



Participants should have completed at least one winter ultra race of 100 miles or more or have had significant cold weather experience. The ITI 150 serves as the first step for competitors on a quest to participate in the ITI 350 or for adventurers craving a self-supported expedition along the historic Iditarod Trail.  


Registration for the 2019 ITI 150 is closed